Boris Berezovsky Net Worth

Boris Berezovsky Net Worth $1 Billion

As a self-made man, Boris Abramovich Berezovsky earned his wealth through wise business investments and oil. Born on January 23, 1946, Berezovsky grew up in Russia. Once the former Soviet Union allowed capitalist investments in the country, he quickly began to accumulate wealth. 

Boris Berezovsky

Known for being one of the actors in “robber capitalism”, he gained control over the nation's main television channel, oil and other investments. Despite his immense wealth, Boris Berezovsky began to run into trouble. As an opponent of the new president, Vladimir Putin, Berezovsky was forced to flee the nation in 2003. He was granted political asylum in the United Kingdom and Russia attempted to extradite him. Charged in absentia for economic crimes, the extradition attempt ultimately failed. Before he left the nation, his net worth was at an estimated $3 billion. Unfortunately, his physical holdings in Russia and television channel were taken away after his move to the United Kingdom. Due to this, Boris Berezovsky has an estimated net worth of just $1.0 billion presently. Since his exile, Berezovsky has founded the International Foundation for Civil Liberties in an attempt to bring Russia's regime to an end. On March 23, 2013, Berezovsky was found dead in his home. After investigating the matter thoroughly, the police concluded that the death was due to suicide. 

Boris Berezovsky

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