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Okay so what is so great about a Billionaire? Apart from the lavish lifestyle, the fame, huge mansions with private swimming pools, hundreds of servants satisfying all your whims and fancies, nice cars, a private jet and having the President or Prime Minister as your personal friend I can't think of anything else...Are you kidding me? Who doesn't want to be in the Billionaire Club that only the fortunate few can join?

Well, I'm sure nobody really minds becoming a Billionaire. I suppose that's why Bruno Mars' song "Billionaire" is so famous. Anyway, here are some interesting facts about rich people that I think will astound, surprise and inspire you.

The Facts

There are more than 2000 Billionaires in this world (official plus unofficial). The official number is 1426 according to Forbes, but there are still others who are not counted in that list.

Together, these billionaires control directly or indirectly $33 Trillion worth of money.

The USA have more than 442 Billionaires, Asia with 386 Billionaires, Europe with 366 Billionaires, The Americas with 129 Billionaires and Middle East & Africa with 103 Billionaires.

The richest man in the world currently is Microsoft founder Bill Gates. For a list of top 10 richest people in the world click here.

The movie Iron man is inspired by the life of Oracle founder Larry Ellison. In fact Ellison did a cameo appearance in Iron Man 2.

Amancio Ortega (founder of ZARA) has one of the biggest jump in net worth in a single year. The fashion king added $19.5 Billion in a year to his net worth or about $53 Million a day or $613 a second.

Bill Gates has held the position of richest man in America for 20 years straight.

George Soros, a billionaire hedge fund manager, managed to make $1.1 Billion in a single day by shorting the English pound in September 16 1992.

Being in the fashion business is good. Many billionaires like Amancio Ortega (ZARA) and Tadashi Yanai (Uniqlo) achieved their wealth by helping others to dress better.

J.K Rowling (author of the Harry Potter series) is the only author in the world to achieve Billionaire status by writing books. And yes, she is a woman. An extraordinary achievement.

Billionaire J.Paul Getty refused to pay a ransom of $17 Million for the release of his grandson. After receiving his grandson's ear in the mail 3 months later, he finally agreed to pay $3 Million but eventually only giving $2.2 Million (the maximum amount that is tax deductible). Getty lent the other $800 Million to his son on the condition that it will be repaid with a 4% interest.

Real estate tycoon and billionaire Donald Trump once tried to sue an author for $5 Billion. The reason for the action was the author called Trump a millionaire and not a Billionaire.

Donald Trump once humiliated President Obama by asking for proof of genuine American citizenship. Later, President Obama humiliated Donald Trump at the White House Correspondent Dinner showing a picture of how the White House will be like if Donald Trump was in charge.

740 Park in Manhattan is the home to the most number of Billionaires in the US.

Colombian drug lord and Billionaire Pablo Escobar made so much money that he spent $2500 a month on rubber bands alone to bundle up his cash.

There are now close to 100 billionaires who have signed up for the "giving pledge" to give away half of their fortune during their lifetime.

John D Rockefeller was worth $1.4 when he passed away. Today, that amount would be more than $600 Billion. More than any billionaire alive today has in their bank account.

If Henry Ford were alive today, he would be worth more than $170 Billion.

Hong Kong a small tiny city in Asia has 75 Billionaires. The second city with the most billionaires after New York City.

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