5 Luxury Cars That Suits The
Billionaire & Multi-Millionaire

Purchasing a car can be both invigorating and maddening.  It’s exciting to think about colors, styles and options.  However, most of us also have constraints.  When it comes to big ticket items, there are usually budgets and other practical considerations.  What if that weren’t the case?  Who hasn't played, "What if I won the lottery?"  One of the first questions is, "What car would I buy?" For some, money is no object.  Which vehicles are most popular with the lucky few who can afford them?

rolls royce


There's just something about a Rolls that screams old money.  Rolls-Royce has been making luxury automobiles the right way for over 100 years.  Models named Phantom, Wraith and Ghost add to the air of a paranormal driving experience.  Consistency of quality and a strong lineage of performance should keep Rolls-Royce as a favorite for many years to come.



Bentley was a lesser known model in the United Sates for some time. Thanks to hip-hop culture and a fascination with this British brand, the Bentley’s popularity and recognition exploded in the United States in the early 2000s.  These cars are almost completely handmade in a single factory.  Bentley has a strong tradition of building vehicles that are both high in luxury and performance.



Sometimes you just want to go fast.  Really fast!  The Bugatti is built to do just that.  The Veyron's 16-cylinder, 1,001-hp engine has a top speed of over 250 mph.  The aerodynamics had to be designed to ensure it didn't lift off and try to fly.  Luckily, it stops even quicker than it starts decelerating from 60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds.



This is one sexy Italian brand!  Try driving down the street in a Ferrari without turning heads.  It’s nearly impossible.  While looks alone are enough to give bystanders pause, styling is not its only notable feature.  The company has been involved in motorsport since its inception and it shows.  Ferraris are exceptional race cars.  The Ferrari’s speed and unique styling makes it very popular among the wealthy crowd.

aston martin

Aston Martin

Thanks to the James Bond franchise, Aston Martin may be the most recognizable British car brand in the world.  Aston Martin does a stellar job of combining quiet elegance with cutting edge technology and performance.  From 12-cylinder engines to hand-stitched rear leather bucket seats, and acoustically optimized theater systems, everything about these cars says engineering excellence.

As you can imagine, the very wealthy have a lot of discretionary income.  Just as they can afford to buy multiple homes and travel around the world, they also have enough money to own more than one car.  A rich couple might have a small convertible for leisurely weekend drives through the countryside, an upgraded high-end jeep for remote hiking excursions, and a station wagon for trips to the grocery store.  But the exclusive vehicles listed above are their joy.  These are the ones they point to with pride.  Which is your lottery car?

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