Ayman Hariri

Ayman Hariri is a Lebanese businessman and one of the five sons of Lebanese leader, Rafik Hariri, who was killed in a terrorism attack in 2005 at Beirut. In 2013, he holds the1088th spot on the Forbes list of billionaires. He is also ranked 5th on the list of the richest people in Lebanon. Ayman is considered to be one of the youngest billionaires in the world. According to Forbes, Ayman has an estimated net worth of $1.35 billion (as of September 2013).

Quick Facts

Net Worth: $1.35 Billion (as of September 2013)

Source of Wealth: Investments, Constructions 

Born: 1978 (Age 35)

Nationality: Lebanese

Marital Status: Married

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Ayman was born in 1978 and he is the second-youngest son of Rafik Hariri, a slain Lebanese leader. Rafik Hariri was Lebanon’s first Prime Minister, who was killed in a terrorist attack when Ayman was 27 years old.

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Ayman is now a Lebanese businessman and billionaire. He is an alumnus of Georgetown University, where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Arts/Science. Just like his four other siblings, Ayman is a billionaire, whose source of wealth derives from investments and constructions. He is featured on the Forbes’ billionaire list as one of the wealthiest men in Lebanon, and also in the whole world at large. Unlike his elder brother Saad, Ayman didn’t follow into his father’s political footsteps. Saad is actively involved in Lebanese politics and business. 

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Ayman Hariri’s Business Ventures

Ayman’s major concern is running Saudi Oger, which is the largest construction company in Lebanon and one of the biggest construction companies in Saudi Arabia.

This construction company is also the major source of the Hariri family’s wealth. Saudi Oger was part of a venture that won a contract amounting to $665 million in the beginning of 2013. This was a contract in which this construction company was to build a local branch of the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. The museum is scheduled to open in 2015.

While on the board of this construction company, Ayman has overseen mega construction projects including the King Abdullah Financial District and the Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University for Women, both in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Oger has various subsidiaries including Oger Dubai, whose chairman is Ayman’s younger brother, Fahd Hariri. 

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In addition to the construction business, Ayman holds interests in the telecommunications sector. In fact, Saudi Oger owns major stakes in Turk Telekom. The construction company also owns shares in various Middle Eastern banks, including Jordan’s Arab Bank.

Sometime back, Saudi Oger took out a $1 Billion loan in February 2013 in order to refinance some debt that was related to its investment in Arab Bank. Ayman is also a co-founder and the chairman of Epok, which is an identity management software firm that’s based outside Washington, DC. This software firm aims at selling it products to state and federal customers.

Personal Life

Ayman Hariri is currently married with one child. 

Interesting Fact about Ayman Hariri

  • He set-up his home for sale for $3.95 million. Ayman had previously bought the home from an NBA player. 

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