How Angelina Jolie Rose From Her
Dark Past To Become The Highest
Earning Actress

Angelina Jolie is no strange name when it comes to show business.  She’s possibly one of the most popular actresses. She has starred in critically-acclaimed blockbusters including Lara Croft: “Tomb Raider” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”  She has irresistible killer looks no doubt, but her outstanding acting skills have also landed her an Academy Award.

When it comes to actresses with fat pay cheques, Angelina takes the cake. Forbes named her the highest earning actress in 2012 and 2013 earning nothing short of $33 million. Her net worth which adds up to $145 million, has enabled her to cough out huge chunks of $$ for charitable causes.

She has certainly got a drool-worthy lifestyle, but so much for the fame and media frenzy. We dug deep to find out more about Angelina’s life history.

angelina jolie

Angeline Jolie is the highest paid actress in 2012 and 2013

She Wasn’t All About Acting

Angelina was lucky enough to grow up in a family where both parents had some solid history in the acting arena. Her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, was an American actress and producer, and her father is a renowned actor who has managed to add an Oscar to his mantle.

Angelina was a huge fan of all things Star Trek but wasn’t too keen in taking after her parent’s footsteps. But if she had, this would probably be one of those Hollywood’s child stars success stories.  Her ambition was squarely set on being a funeral director. She had been inspired to enter the trade after a disappointment with how her grandfather’s funeral was conducted. 

She even went ahead to get a certificate in the subject, yap! she was damn serious about it. However, Angelina’s dream did not materialize. Greater things were in the pipeline but not without hiccups along the way.

The Wild Teen Years

Angelina has managed to hold up a clean-cut image for the most part of her career, but she has a dark past. She had a rough time in her Beverly Hills High school. Now this may be hard to believe, but Angelina was constantly teased because she was ugly. She had even tried to dig her heels in modeling, but was rejected because she was either too skinny or too short.

angelina jolie, from ugly duckling to most beautiful woman

From ugly duckling to the most beautiful woman on earth

All these backlash took a toll on Angelina, who was in her early teenage years at the time. She began deliberate self-harm to help her cope with her crushed self-esteem, but she wasn’t swimming in trouble alone. She and her boyfriend whom she had started dating at the age of fourteen, would cut each other with knives in a tit for tat way.

The wild lifestyle went on for about two years until the age of 16, when she and her boyfriend split up. It was after the fall out that Angelina realized she needed to clean up her messy lifestyle.

Getting Her Act Together

Angelina was determined to carve out a name for herself in the showbiz world and who would have been better to hold her hand than her Oscar-winning father? She learned a great deal about the movie industry and what it took to be an A-list actress. This time, the apple did not fall far from the tree. Angelina made her first foray into film in 1993 when she appeared in “Cyborg 2.’’

She went on to feature in other critically-acclaimed films through the 90s. How successful has her acting career been to date? Well, that’s a no-brainer. Angelina has gained ultimate respect from film critics which has been backed up with her string of awards and accolades including the coveted Oscar.

angelina jolie and her husband brad pitt

Angelina Jolie has also managed to hook a really hot husband

Dedication To Humanitarian Causes

It would be a serious faux-pas on our side if we failed to mention Angelina’s generous contribution to charitable causes. She has campaigned for peace in Sri Lanka and has gotten involved in helping refugees from Thailand and Chechnya. And rather than stash away her big bucks in banks, Angelina has donated millions in support of charity.

She and her husband Brad Pitt have so far adopted three children, and we guess Brangelina’s family will continue growing bigger. But it’s all in good faith she is leaving a positive mark in the lives of her children and also creating what experts term as the “Angelina effect.” More Hollywood celebrities are following her footsteps in adopting children from different races.

Lessons From Angelina Jolie

  • Angelina has taught has valuable life lessons that any wise person would follow to the letter
  • Success isn’t sexy. You will face numerous challenges along the way but with consistent efforts you can always get to the place you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Remember to leave a positive mark in people’s lives. 
  •  To establish your own success story, focus on your success and forget about people who tell you, “you are not good enough.” 
  • Your past may be pitch dark, but today and the future can always be brighter if you are committed to living a better life.

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