Alice Walton

Alice Walton is the youngest child of Helen and Sam Walton—Wal Mart’s Founders. She is famed for her title as the second richest woman in America. Currently, her net worth is approximately US $26.3 billion. Aside from being known as the rich heiress of Wal-Mart, she is also well-known for her philanthropic activities.

Note - The recent rising Wal Mart stock price has lifted Alice Walton's fortune to an estimated Net Worth of more than $30 Billion

Quick Facts

Net Worth: US $26.3 Billion (more than $30 Billion now)

Source: Wal-Mart and Walton Enterprises

Born: October 7, 1949 

Nationality: American

alice walton

Net Worth

Walton has a net worth of approximately US $26 billion according to the latest report of Bloomberg Billionaires Index. This makes her the #2 wealthiest woman in America and the #3 wealthiest woman worldwide. The Walton family owns majority of the shares of Wal-Mart, although the company went public. The family wealth is managed by Walton Enterprises which Alice Walton supervises together with her siblings Robson and Jim.

Professional Career

With her background in finance and economics, Walton worked within the Walton family businesses. Upon her graduation in 1971, she immediately worked for Wal-Mart as a purchaser of children’s clothes. Shortly after, she worked in E.F. Hutton Brokerage as a customs broker. She also became the vice chairman of Arvest Bank but later retired in 1988.

Currently, she serves as the president and CEO of the Llama Company which is an investment company using her own money.  She also established the Walton’s Rocking W Ranch which raises cutting horses for competitions as she is also a lifelong equestrienne. Currently, her ranch is worth more than US $21 million and is considered as the biggest ranch for cutting horses in America.

Art and Philanthropy

Alice Walton is a lover of arts. In 2013, she was included in the list of the world’s top art collectors according to the ARTNewsmagazine.  She has the habit of purchasing renowned as well as expensive works of arts from well-known artists from different eras. In 2004, she purchased a total of US $20 million worth of art collection from Daniel Fraad in New York. She has collected paintings from painters such as Winslow Homer as well as Edward Hopper.

Her strong interest in art led her to spearhead the involvement of the Walton Family Foundation in developing the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas. She is also currently serving as a board member of the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth in Texas as well as a trustee of the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

With the involvement of Alice Walton into arts, it was estimated that the Walton Family Foundation have invested over US $650 million into museums to which the Crystal Bridges Museum was its biggest beneficiary. On the other hand, she also created a yearly Christian summer camp held in Arkansas called as the Camp War Eagle.

Political Contributions

The Walton family is well-known for funding political candidates during the federal elections. The Walton family has given more than US $500,000 during the election in 2008. According to Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, Alice Walton became the top financial contributor to the republican candidates. On the other hand, Walton also gave US $1.7 million in favor of the 2012 charter school initiative.

alice walton

Alice has a passion for riding horses

Personal Life 

She enjoys doing outdoor activities such as equestrian and driving. In fact, her love of sports is the top reason she got involved in several automobile accidents which nearly cost Alice Walton her life. 

Interesting Facts about Alice Walton

  • Walton is divorced twice and does not have any children from her previous marriages
  • She is a lifelong equestrienne by heart and she loves riding geldings even during competitions
  • She bought most of the collection of Daniel Fraad in 2006 which amounted to US $20 million.
  • Her most notable purchase was the painting of Asher Durand entitled Kindred Spirits.

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