Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

By Romea P. on March 4 2014

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth Is $350 Million

It may be a bat - ball game and two teams of nine; but Alex has sure made a 350 million dollar mine! With a fat salary of $2,870,000 for the year 2014, Alex Rodriguez is rated No. 18 among world's highest-paid athletes by Forbes. Fondly called as A-Rod by his fans, he has been able to add $325 million to his net worth just through the salary he earns; it being at its peak of $33,000,000 in 2009. He currently plays in the Major League Baseball (MLB) for New York Yankees as shortstop.

alex rodriguez net worth

Born on 27th of Jul 1975, this 38 year old Leo has had a steady raise in his career. His metamorphosis from a juvenile into seasoned baseball player was remarkable. He made his debut as shortstop with The Mariners in the year 1994, when he was just 18. He became the star player and broke many records then. In 2000, he moved to Texas Rangers and created a record by signing one of the largest contracts in sports history at the time which was worth $252 million. 

a rod net worth

By 2003, Rodriguez was a shining star who led the American League in home runs which won him his second successive Gold Glove Award. In 2004, the Rangers traded him to the New York Yankees and paid off $67 million of the $179 million left on the contract. Again in 2007, he signed a 10-year worth $275 million with Yankees. This one broke his previous contract with Texas Rangers. In the same year, A. Rod’s net worth was stocked up by $29 million and by 2011 he earned a total of $ 35 million, according to Forbes. He earned about $30.3 million from June 2012 to June 2013, again mostly from his salary.

a rod

Notorious for his high up lifestyle, he also has stakes in real estate holdings with a construction company called Newport Property Construction and a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Texas. His car collection includes a luxurious, black Maybach 57s, which bore a price tag of $400,000 and more. The posh nine bedroom Miami house which was bought for $7.4 million in 2010 and poured more on for custom renovations was sold in 2013 for $30 million.

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He hasn’t particularly able to earn from endorsements due to his largely unpopular brand image; just $500,000 a year as estimated by Forbes. Among his endorsements deals with Nike and Rawlings used to be among highest. He still uses the products; however he does not get paid for it. A couple of other dips in his net worth were caused due to his divorced from Cynthia Rodriguez in 2008 and the nail on the coffin was his suspension on 5th of Aug 13, by major league baseball for 214 games for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs.  It is said that this suspension will keep him out of baseball until the beginning of the 2015 season.

alex rodriguez family

There is no doubt that A. Rod is an over overpaid athlete. His percentage cost in team’s payroll is 11.8; however, the on field performance percentage is just 0.97. If one were to calculate the money he makes each day, it turns out to be a good $76,712. As of now, however, he remains suspended for the 2014 regular season till the charges get lifted. 

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