7 Influential And Rich Individuals In History

Well, if you thought Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Helu are wealthy, then this list will surprise you. You see, they don’t even feature in the top seven wealthiest people that walked the face of the earth. Why, because some of the people on this list could have used their personal wealth to fund several small economies and would still have made it back to the list. So, here are the most powerful names in history; some you probably expected while others (like the one at the top of the list) you may be seeing for the first time.

Mansa Musa I (Worth $400 billion, lived from 1280 to 1331)

Musa was the King of the Malian Empire on which Ghana, Mali and Timbuktu stand today. He amassed his wealth from the sale of gold and salt that his empire produced. All the same, not much is left of his wealth as civil war and invaders ravaged most of it.

The Rothschild Family (Worth $ 350 billion)

Mayer Amschel Rothschild founded what is now known as the Rothschild Group. At its inception, it was composed mainly of banks in five major cities in Europe which were controlled by Rothschild’s five sons. Although over the years the family’s net worth has reduced due to an increasing number of descendants, the Group continues to be a major player in the financial world.

John D. Rockefeller (Worth $340 billion, lived from 1839 to 1937)

This billionaire and philanthropist still remains the wealthiest man in American history having founded the Standard Oil Company that was the main oil producer in the United States. However, the American government dismantled it into ExxonMobil, Conoco, Amoco and Chevron.

Andrew Carnegie Worth (Worth $310 billion, lived from 1835 to 1919)

He was the founder of the Carnegie Steel Company that spearheaded the growth of steel manufacturing in the United States. Although he sold his company to JP Morgan for approximately $480 million, at the time of his death he was valued at $30 million having donated most of his money to charitable causes. Furthermore, his remaining fortune was also given away upon his death.

Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov (Worth $300 billion, lived from 1868 to 1918)

Famously known as Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, he ruled Russia between 1894 and 1917. During his reign he managed to turn himself into a billionaire, however, he and his family met a tragic death at the hands of Bolshevik fighters.

Mir Osman Ali Khan ( Worth $230 billion, lived from 1886 to 1967)

This flamboyant former ruler of Hyderabad (now the largest city in Andhra Pradesh, India) was famous for his collection of gold and precious stones. In fact, it is reported that he used the 184.5 carat Jacob Diamond as a paperweight.

William The Conqueror (Worth $229.5 Billion, lived from 1028 to 1087)

William I was the king of England between 1066 and 1087. Although he fought his way to the throne, William managed to control vast expanses of land which he bequeathed to his sons upon his death.

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