5 Ways to Look Like Old Money
How To Show That You Are Rich

The way you look when you shop or gather at your local bookstore speaks volumes.  Others often see you before they hear you.  What you wear, as well as the way you carry yourself, offers up a first glimpse of who you are. And sometimes that first impression sticks.  How can you make an impression that lasts in a positive way?


The first way to look cheap is to be a “flash over substance” type of person.  When it comes to decorative items, the wealthy know that subtlety is best.  Men should never wear big, gaudy necklaces and women should tone down the earrings.  There’s no need to draw attention to jewelry.  The rich let quality pieces speak for themselves.


Perfume can be a wonderful complement to your natural scent.  However, it’s important that your scent does not fill the room before you do.  Pick a scent that is right for you, and then apply it conservatively.  Your scent has staying power.  Others will identify you by it, so make sure it’s pleasant and not too overbearing.


Tight pants and low-cut shirts scream new money.  To fit in with the established well-to-do, clothing should be attractive and appropriate. There’s no room for big brand logos and saggy washed-out jeans.  Yves Saint Laurent is known for saying, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”  Ladies, do you have an elegant black dress in your closet?  Gentlemen, do you own tasteful button-down shirts and jackets?  The rich prefer classic styles that last.  


When it comes to hairstyles, think healthy and well-presented.  Mohawks are fun for Halloween, and skateboarders look great in long shaggy styles.  But if your aim is to create lasting relationships with the affluent, then outlandish hairstyles will not cut it.  First impressions matter.  In order to build trust, go with a more conservative cut.  Men, lean towards a classic short style or a neat comb over (ala Mad Men).  Women, you can’t go wrong with a timeless bob (wavy or straight).  For unpredictable weather, holding your hair back in a modern ponytail or bun can be both practical and fashionable.


Accessories are ancillary items that round out your look.  They can be worn or carried such as hats, belts, handbags, shoes, canes, scarves, etc. Accessories can make you stand out, but if you’re going to embellish, make sure the items you select do not ruin your overall look.  Your shoes should be of the highest quality.  Stay away from scuffed boots and belts. If you wear hats, pick tasteful ones.  Pairing a fine suit with a worn baseball cap is a mistake.  Bags come in various sizes.  Do you require a large everyday tote or a small evening clutch?  Should you pick a neutral leather tone or would a fun, sequined evening bag be more appropriate? 


If you want to mingle with members of the established upper-class, you have to fit in.  These are people who have maintained their wealth through the years.  They go to the top schools and they know all the right people. Selecting the proper ensemble is a single step towards feeling comfortable and confident in the company of the prosperous.  What’s in your closet?  

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