5 Reasons Why You Should Read The Bible

The bible may be one of the oldest books in the world and it may sound ancient to you but the truth is this book may be able to transform your life for the better. You may not be a Christian or a church attending person but we have dig into the bible and found that there are lots of benefit to reading this book. One great fact we would like to point out is this : The bible is the best selling book of all time.

5 reasons why you should read the bibleReading the bible with your child can help her to live a more disciplined life and avoid the temptations of life

1. It contains gems of wisdom

One of the greatest value in reading the bible is the amount of wisdom and lessons that are contained in this ancient book. The old testament is full of examples and virtues of wisdom that we just can’t ignore. The book of Ecclesiastes and the book of proverbs lists many observations of the ancients about human life. Although written thousands of years ago, the wisdom and observation contained inside are still true today.

2. It contains historical figures and individuals we can learn from

From Abraham to Job to King David and Jesus, the bible is full of historical figures that existed. Till today the facts in the bible are hard to disprove. The bible is an extremely honest book. While it lists the triumph of humans, it also display the dark side of human nature. The stories in the bible will teach you to follow in the footsteps of successful actions that the individuals take while avoiding the mistakes that have cost them dearly.

3. It teaches you about the value of life

No other book in the world will show you more than the bible the true value of human life. The bible tells its readers that human beings are made in the image of God. Therefore to harm or kill an individual no matter what skin color they have, what rank they have in life or how young or old they are is something that is to be avoided. All human beings are created equal in the image of God. Most of the crimes in this world happen because there is a lack of respect towards the value of human life.

4. It shows you that earthly treasures are not everything

While human beings are so busy with their daily life trying to achieve success and make more money, the bible on the other hand shows us that money and achievement is not everything. The love of money is the root of all evil declares the bible. If you look at how things occur in this world, the love and desire for more money is the culprit behind them. While earning a living is a must for all of us, taking this life too seriously will bring more harm than good. After all, when you are dead, you can’t even spend a dime of what you work so hard for.

5. It helps you to keep the right perspective in life

There are more to life than this! Exclaims an old man who have seen enough of life. While it may take many a lifetime to realize the important things in life, some people are able to know it earlier and have less regrets in life. Reading the ancient book will tell you that loving one another is important. Family is important, Parents and Children are important. Even loving an enemy and showing kindness is important. If all we can think of is revenge to enemies, the cycle of bitterness and hatred will never end.

Those who are Christians and church goers may be very familiar with the bible. For the rest of the world, even if you are a non believer, you certainly won’t lose anything if you flip through its pages. Who knows, you may have a change of perspective and experience a more meaningful life from now on.

P.s. One interesting thing to note is that the book of Proverbs has 31 chapters. Why 31 chapters? Someone once said this “We have 30-31 days in a month. Reading 1 chapter a day will certainly benefit you.” Go here to start reading some of the wisdom the book of Proverbs has to offer.

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