3 Healthy Habits on the
Way to Wealth

Why do some people end up in the poorhouse?  To be fair, some start there and never make it out.  I’m not referring to those individuals.  I’m talking about those who work themselves to the bone and make it out, but still end up in an unfortunate state.  They make six or even seven figures, but then squander their profits on frivolous items.  We’ve all heard the stories of top celebrities or business executives who had it all.  They worked hard to achieve high levels of success only to end up in bankruptcy court with failed businesses and very little to show for their efforts. Achieving and maintaining success takes mental strength.  Listed below are some healthy habits that will help you stay above the poverty line.

Know what you make and spend

This one is obvious; it’s important to live within your means.  This mantra is also simpler to say than to follow.  Credit cards make it easy to spend money on clothes and entertainment without feeling the sting right away. Also, it’s not always straightforward to predict earnings.  You could be in a cyclical or commission-based industry that provides stable work, but variable income.  Planning is important in these cases.

Figure out your minimum take-home pay.  Once your expenses are taken care of, and you’ve tucked some money away for savings, how much is left?  Consider giving yourself a cash budget to spend on non-necessities. Credit cards are convenient.  If you need to use one, make sure you know how much you can spend.  Keep to that limit and pay your balance off every month. 

Take care of your body and mind

The rich eat right and exercise.  Eating healthy foods keeps weight in check and disease away, while exercise provides energy and strength.  The rich stay away from junk food.  They prefer to keep healthy so that they can continue to work and enjoy life.  They stick to regular aerobic exercise knowing that disciplined training is important.  Because the mind also needs to keep fit, and learning and self-improvement is vital, the rich also prioritize reading and learning.

Don’t waste time

Modern life is full of wasteful opportunities.  There are TVs to watch, webs to browse and games to play.  The rich make the best of every single day because they know and appreciate the fact that time is limited.  They start their days early so that they have time for planning and other activities before work.  They write to-do lists, and they watch very little TV.  They set goals and try to feel accomplished on a daily basis.

As you can see, healthy habits can make a big difference.  You will see dramatic improvements in the quality of your life by living within your means, taking care of yourself both mentally and physically, and making the most of every minute.  This change sounds simple, but it takes time and determination to make significant changes.  Are you up for the task?

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