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25 Facts About Beyonce
That Will Surprise You 

facts about beyonce you never knew

Here are some facts about Beyonce that you probably never knew. No one in the current music industry can be mentioned in the same breath as Beyonce. With skilled dance moves, vocals from a neighbouring planet and looks that could kill, Beyonce is definitely the entire package. She never fails to entertain her fans with her live power packed performances. Beyonce is truly the star every young girl looks upto. Her physical assets alone deserve a column of their own. In the list below, the facts about Beyonce that have been compiled are assured to leave you surprised!

  1. Beyonce’s mother excels in hairstyling and costume designing whereas her father is a record manager.
  2. She is married to Rap Mogul Jay-Z. Jay Z is known to possess a fortune of $500 million. Beyonce has a net worth of $300 million.
  3. She earned $3 million for her appearance in the movie Austin Powers Goldmember.
  4. The number 4 is special to Beyonce. She, her husband and her mother were all born on the 4th day of their respective birth months. Her marriage also took place on the fourth.
  5. Her father toughened her up when she was a kid. In order to build endurance, her father would make her sing and run a mile at the same time. 
  6. When it comes to fitness, Beyonce comes second to no one. She once lost 20 pounds in 14 days owing to her diet potion comprising only of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.
  7. Before she found her better half in Jay Z, she was hitched to Lyndall Locke. He was apparently not the ideal boyfriend as he cheated on her several times.
  8. Even The Oxford English Dictionary recognizes the word Bootylicious. It is no surprise where that term originated from.
  9. It doesn’t look like Jay Z ‘s as hardcore as he portrays. Both he and Beyonce spoke over the phone for almost a year before the rapper conjured enough courage to ask her out.
  10. Growing up, Beyonce was not the Queen Bee. Her mother has revealed Beyonce’s imaginary friends.
  11. She has a sister, Solange Knowles, who is also in the entertainment business. She made major headlines recently for kicking and punching Jay Z in an elevator. The husband of Beyonce, who finally had the courage to ask her out after a year of speaking over the phone. Solange, the sister who’s lived in Beyonce’s shadows like forever. You see how I’m connecting the dots.
  12. Beyonce records all of her interviews in order to prevent being misquoted.
  13. She once walked away from a photo shoot when told to pose in compromising positions with honey covered in her stripped body.
  14. Beyonce knew her worth even before becoming the talent she is right now. As a kid, she would charge houseguests $5 for her performances.
  15. She met her Destiny’s Child members when she was 8.
  16. She once sang John Lennon’s Imagine in a school singing competition. No prizes for guessing the victor.
  17. The disbandment of Destiny’s Child came as a blessing in disguise. After venturing as a solo artist, Beyonce released the album Dangerously in Love. The album attained unparalleled success even earning her 5 Grammys.
  18. The alter ego Sasha Fierce was created in 2003 to help Beyonce get over Stage Fright. Of course, she no longer needs any vote of confidence.
  19. She became a mother for the first time in Jan 7, 2012 when she gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter.
  20. Beyonce is the first female artist to win 6 Grammy Awards in one evening. She achieved this spectacular feat in January 2010.
  21. Beyonce is known to be particularly fond of mascara. She labels it her favourite make up.
  22. She was once hooked to chicken curry dishes. She even had curry flown to New York from London. Talk about first class royal delivery; her personal trainer played the spoilsport though and banned her from indulging in those dishes once it got out of hand.
  23.  When she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2007, she became the first non-model and non-athlete to appear on the coveted magazine.
  24. She is the recipient of 17 Grammy Awards which includes her work as a solo artist and as a member of Destiny’s Child.
  25. She has been inspirational to several artists such as Rihanna, Azealia Banks, Nicole Scherzinger, Mischa B, Adele, Jessie J, Rita Ora etc.

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