10 richest skateboarders

Skateboarding may not be the career that your teachers or parents had in mind when they told you to find a ‘good’ job back in high school, but the best of the best make a very comfortable living off of it. The following list contains the ten richest skateboarders.

richest skateboarders

1. Tony Hawk $120 Million

Hawk started skating before he turned ten and as a prodigy in the field he managed to turn pro and earn a living in his early teens from what many saw as just a part- time job. He continues to make money from both competitions and a series of endorsement deals with major corporations. His net worth is $120 Million.

2. Stavros Niarchos $100 Million

Although a talented skateboarder in his own right, the majority of Niarchos’ net worth comes from his very wealthy family of shipping tycoons. He is known as much for that as for dating within Hollywood’s inner circles. His net worth is $100 Million.

3. Rodney Mullen $30 Million

As one of the more innovative skateboarders, Mullen can be credited as the first to try several moves that would be added to later skater’s repertoires. He has also started several companies and has released skateboarding videos which have helped increase his net worth to $30 Million.

4. Ryan Sheckler $16 Million

Sheckler started skating in infancy and was still very young when he went pro. The California native has won several championships and is sponsored by Arnette and other brands. His net worth stands at $16 Million.

5. Chad Muska $16 Million

Aside from the endorsement deals stemming from his skating career, Muska also makes money as a deejay and musician. He is sponsored by Circa and through his many ventures has amassed a net worth of $16 Million.

6. Rob Dyrdek $15 Million

Dyrdek started his career as a skateboarder and used his talent and personality to score endorsement deals from several companies including DC Shoes and Alien Workshop. He also started a business and stars on his own reality TV show which altogether earn him $15 Million.

7. Tony Alva $15 Million

Alva of Z-Boys fame is a legend in the sport. His brand of skate gear was one of the first to be made for skaters by a skater. Through his skating career and business ventures, Alva has an estimated net worth of $15 Million.

8. Eric Koston $15 Million

The only skater on the list born outside of the US, Koston moved from Thailand to California in his childhood. He started skating early and parlayed his fame into sponsorship deals and TV and video game cameos all of which add to his $15 Million net worth.

9. Lance Mountain $10 Million

Robert Lance Mountain started skating professionally at a time when few people took the sport seriously. He gained endorsement deals from several different companies and his skating has had an impact on many later skaters who see him as inspiration. His net worth is $10 Million.

10. Anthony Mosley $10 Million

Mosley got his start in skating at 13 and his unconventional skating technique quickly caught the attention of fans and sponsors alike. He has used his fame to promote his own business ventures such as the “Black Sheep Label”. He has a net worth of $10 Million.

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