10 Richest professional surfers

Surfing can seem like the most laid-back job in the world but a select few take it to all new heights. 

richest surfers in the world

 Here are 10 of the richest professional surfers.

1. John John Florence: $5 Million per year

Hawaiian surfer, John John Florence is at the peak of his career and only recently signed a contract that will net him over $3 Million per year. Combined with what he earns with his incredible talent on the waves he makes $5 Million per year.

john john florence

2. Dane Reynolds: $4 Million per year

A surfer with no qualms about refusing sponsors who clash with his beliefs, Reynolds has still gained million dollar endorsement deals and scores of fans. He lists both Vans and Quicksilver among his sponsors and earns close to $4 Million each year.

3. Kelly Slater: $4 Million per year

With a career spanning over two decades, Kelly Slater is more than a pro surfer, he’s an icon. His endorsements run the gamut from Quicksilver to Channel Islands and his star power is a large part of the why GoPro was so well received in the surfing world. He makes $4 Million annually.

4. Joel Parkinson: $3 Million per year

Another Aussie, Joel Parkinson is far more selective than many in accepting sponsorship and due to his capturing of the Association of Surfing Professionals’ World Title, he can afford to be picky. His sponsors include Billabong and JS and they collectively net him $3 Million per year.

5. Mick Fanning: $3 Million per year

Australian Mick “White Lightning” Fanning has been surfing since childhood and went pro in his teens. He’s not shy about endorsement deals and is sponsored by several major companies at once including Reef, Dragon, Rip Curl and Red Bull. He earns almost $3 Million per year.

6. Kolohe Andino: $2 Million per year

Having started surfing as a child, American surfer Kolohe Andino scored his first endorsement deal in his mid teens. He has been backed by Skullcandy, Nike and several others and earns an estimated $2 Million per year.

7. Julian Wilson: $2 Million per year

An Australian surfer with both the talent and the looks to attract some of the biggest endorsements, Julian Wilson earns millions from these deals alone. Working with names such as Nike and Red Bull, Wilson earns $2 Million annually.

8. Jordy Smith: $2 Million per year

Despite turning down Nike, South African surfer Jordy Smith has enjoyed a lucrative string of endorsement deals from other companies including Red Bull. He has used his wealth in the purchase of a lavish property in his hometown. He earns over $2 Million per year.

9. Stephanie Gilmore: $1.8 Million per year

The only female surfer on this list, she goes by the name Steph and is known for her sunny personality. She receives just over $1 Million yearly for her endorsement deals with Roxy and just over half that from other companies put together. Altogether she earns $1.8 Million per year.

stephanie gilmore

10. Taj Burrow: $1.5 Million per year

Having gone pro at the age of 18, Burrow won titles from the get go and began releasing movies about his field. His obvious talent led many sponsors to court him, however, he chose to partner with companies based on his feelings rather than pure profit. He earns $1.5 Million per year.

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