10 richest painters

Art is a passion. Many of the world’s most beloved masterpieces were slaved over by men and women who would only be recognized for their gifts after they passed on. The modern business model has altered this somewhat with many methods of monetizing one’s work and creating a loyal following. Here are today’s top ten richest painters.

1. Damien Hirst : 1 Billion

The clear opposite of a starving artist, British painter and sculptor Damien Hirst is a member of the super wealthy elite in any field. His art shows have netted him hundreds of millions of dollars at a time, which contributes to his current net worth of over $1 billion.

2. Jasper Johns : $300 Million

This South Carolina artist is one of the few living painters to have sold a single piece of artwork for something close to $100 Million. He started drawing while still a child and invented his own style which became a huge influence on later artists. His net worth is $300 Million.

3. David Choe : $200 Million

Though more often known as a muralist, this painter and graffiti artist made the bulk of his wealth on a risky businesses move. He accepted stock rather than cash for his work on the Facebook headquarters and can now boast a net worth of $200 Million.

4. Andre Vicari : $142 Million

This Welsh-born artist is the former official painter to several members of Middle Eastern royalty and has museums dedicated solely to his work. His net worth is estimated at $142 Million. 

5. Takashi Murakami : $100 Million

By working prolifically in several different mediums, Takashi Murakami has managed to make himself very wealthy. He has had his work featured on the albums of pop artistes and reaches a wider audience because of this. His net worth stands at $100 Million.

6. Gerhard Richter : $40 Million

Painter or visual artist, Gerhard Richter has created some of the highest selling modern artwork on record. It makes a good investment due to its tendency to steadily appreciate in value which adds to his net worth of $40 Million.

7. David Hockney : $40 Million

British Artist and photographer, David Hockney has been at the forefront of new trends in art and his willingness to take bold chances has been a key feature of his success. His current net worth stands at $40 Million.

8. Richard Prince : $30 Million

Accomplished in the fields of both painting and photography, Richard Prince has worked with powerhouses in the fashion industry resulting in greater influence in the art world. His net worth is estimated at $30 Million

9. Chuck Close : $25 Million

Despite being wheelchair bound, Chuck Close fascinates the art world with his painting and photography. His paintings tend to be quite large and often sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and upwards. His net worth stands at $25 Million.

10. George Baselitz : $20 Million

His career as a painter spans more than half a century during which time he has refined his talent. His work as a painter and sculptor frequently sells for millions of dollars which has helped him achieve a net worth of $20 Million.

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