10 richest british actresses

Britain has produced several actresses of high caliber who have gone on to international fame and are regulars in some of the highest grossing films to come out of Hollywood. Here we list ten of the richest, most successful British actresses.

1. Tracey Ullman $100 Million

A comedic actress, Ullman’s most profitable endeavor was her involvement in a small cartoon sketch. It evolved into “The Simpsons”, one of television’s most longstanding series and contributed handsomely to her net worth of $100 Million.

tracey ulman

2. Emma Watson $60 Million

Like many of the child actors who started in the “Harry Potter” film franchise, Emma Watson has made a name for herself in the industry as well as a small fortune. Though born in Paris she is a UK citizen and has expanded her acting repertoire as an adult which she showcases in her more recent films. Her net worth stands at $60 Million.

emma watson

3. Keira Knightley $50 Million

While her first forays into acting took place in her childhood, her first big break came in “Bend it Like Beckham” which led to her recurring role in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise which made her Hollywood royalty. Her net worth stands at $50 Million.

keira knightley

4. Julie Andrews $45 Million

Iconic British actress Julie Andrews is known for her monumental talent as a singer that carried many of the most beloved musicals of all time. Although her singing voice has been damaged she continues to act and also writes books for children. Her net worth is $45 Million.

julie andrews

5. Catherine Zeta-Jones $45 Million

Born in Wales, this actress has had a string of career successes including her work in the film adaptation of “Chicago”. She has played characters of several nationalities convincingly and her net worth is $45 Million.

catherine zeta jones

6. Rachel Weisz $40 Million

This London born actress has starred in several critically acclaimed projects including “The Constant Gardener” for which she won an Academy Award. She continues to act in film and theatre and has a net worth of $40 Million.

rachel weisz

7. Dame Judi Dench $35 Million

Judi Dench gained her love of acting from her parents’ involvement in theatre. She transitioned from acting on stage to film having key roles in the 007 franchise and won awards for her acting in “Shakespeare in Love”. Her net worth stands at $35 Million.

dame judi dench

8. Elizabeth Hurley $35 Million

Born in Hampshire this model turned actress owes her fame and fortune almost equally to her two careers. Her image was associated with several high paying brands before she made it to Hollywood, starring in fils such as “Bedazzled”. Her net worth is estimated at $35 Million

elizabeth hurley

9. Cilla Black $25 Million

Priscilla Black, better known by her nickname ‘Cilla’, was a successful singer in her early career and turned to comedy acting which earned her more money and kept her in the limelight. She is worth $25 Million.

10. Helena Bonham Carter $24 Million

English actress Helena Bonham Carter’s roles, particularly in films directed by her beau, Tim Burton, have been highly successful. They have earned her a net worth of $24 Million.

helena bonham carter

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