10 Richest Bankers In The World

Banks play a crucial role in a country’s development. Through providing loans and other financial services, banks have sweeping influence on the economy.   The banking sector has produced a fair share of the world’s billionaires. We take a look at some of the prominent bankers who have amassed billions.

1. Joseph Safra $16.4 Billion

Safra is ranked as the richest banker in the world with a net worth of $16.4 Billion. He was born into a wealthy banking family, and it was almost inevitable he would follow the footsteps of his parents.

In 1955, Safra founded Banco Safra, which has grown to become the eighth largest private Bank in Brazil. The banking mogul is also the chairman of Grupo Safra S.A an international firm that primarily deals with banking and financial institutions.

2. Luis Carlos Sarmiento $16.1 Billion

Carlos may be second on the list, but he remains the richest person in Columbia. His massive net worth of $16.1 Billion stems from the mega banking multinational Grupo Aval Acciones y Valore, SA. He is the current chairman and also owns more than 90% of the bank’s shares. The 80 year old banker is expected to pass on the reigns to his only son Luis Carlos Sarmiento Gutiérez.

3. Petr Kellner $11.1 Billion

Petr started crunching numbers in the University of Economics, Prague where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Economics.  In 1991, he founded PPF Group an investment fund whose reach spans from Eastern and Central Europe, Asia and Russia.

In addition to his career as a banker, Petr has also ventured into Real estate and the telecommunication industry. His net worth of $11.1 Billion has set him forth as the richest man in Czech Republic.

4. Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair  $6.9 Billion

Abdul Aziz inherited a large share of the banking fortune from his father, but he is hailed for steering the bank to greater heights. He serves as the CEO of the Mashreq bank one of UAE’s financial leading institutions. In 2011, Forbes estimated him to be worth $2.7 Billion but that has since skyrocketed to $6.9 Billion. Besides banking, Abdul has dug his feet in food production.

5. Teh Hong Piow $6 Billion

With three degrees and two PhDs, Teh Hong Piow is not only a financial expert but also a pillar of intellectualism.  His banking career started thriving in the 1950s where he held   top positions in several Malaysian banks.

Teh Hong became a force to reckon with when he founded Public Bank in 1966. He has received a string of accolades and awards including the Best CEO in Malaysia (2009) for his financial expertise. His currently the fifth richest man in Malaysia with a net worth of $6 Billion

6. Wee Cho Yaw & Family $5.9 Billion

Wee Cho’s prowess in the banking industry has seen him join the billionaire’s rank with a net worth of $5.9 Billion. He is the reigning chairman emeritus of United Overseas Bank (UOB) which is considered the largest in Singapore by market capitalization.  

UOB with Wee Cho at the realm has expanded its Network internationally. Together with his family he  holds shares in other companies including United Overseas Land and Haw Par Corporation.

7. Bruno Schroder & Family $5.7 Billion

The British banking guru has amassed a fortune adding up to $5.7 Billion. His wealth stems from managing the family’s multinational asset management company Schroders. The financial company has been in existence since 1804 and Bruno is the fourth generation in the banking family to operate the mega firm.

He has managed to bolster the growth of the company with assets under management increasing by $90 million between 2012 and 2013.

8. Uday Kotak $5 Billion

Uday Kotak’s wealth may have declined by $600 million, but he still cuts as one of the 10 richest bankers.  He cut his teeth into the banking world soon after his graduation from Sydenham College. He went ahead to establish Kotak Mahindra bank in 1985. Today, he serves as its Managing director and executive vice chairman.  Forbes ranks him the richest banker in India with an impressive net worth of $5 billion.

9. Andre Esteves $3.9 Billion

Andre Esteves took the reins of CEO of BTG Pactual after serving as an intern in the bank for eight years.  With Andre at the wheel, the bank has grown to be one of the leading investment banks in Latin America. The prominent banker’s net worth has also been on the surge. He sits as the 12th richest Brazilian with a net worth of $3.9 Billion.

10. Aloysio de Andrare Faria $2.1 Billion

Wrapping up our list of the 10 richest bankers is the Brazilian financial Guru Aloysio. After the death of his father, Aloysio, took over Banco Real. During his tenure, Banco was soaring in success.  His wealth catapulted after he sold Banco Real for $2.1 Billion. Aloysio is partly retired, but his financial management skills have seen him amass a fortune estimated at $3. 4 Billion.

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